TRIPOLIS EDUCATIONAL CENTER – MATINA PARASCHOU was founded in 1990 in Tripoli as a School of Informatics (Laboratory of Free Studies).
In 2007 we moved to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment on Dounia 1 & El. Venizelos 57-59.

In 2014 we were certified by EOPPEP as a CENTER FOR LIFELONG LEARNING 1 with a disability and certification number 2100483.

Our Organisation ID is E10135824.

Our PIC Number is 943775857.

All these years we provide hundreds of students, adults, unemployed and professionals in our area, learning about many IT subjects as well as other areas and helping them to integrate into the work environment.

Our vision is to provide training and certification in as many subjects as possible. To be truly a TRAINING CENTER that will provide quality and modern LIFE LEARNING and KNOWLEDGE CERTIFICATION.

Our innovative programs (based on job simulation and supported by the world’s largest training organizations) enable trainees to acquire the knowledge that will best guide them into the modern job market.

At the same time our center is involved in research, development of educational material, participation in integrated programs and community initiatives (Grundtvig, Erasmus + etc.), employment promotion and support actions.